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An Overview
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- Host : The organizing committee of the
  2014 Incheon World Wheelchair Basketball Championships
- Supervisor : Korea Sports Association for the Disabled,
  Korea Wheelchair Basketball Federation
- Sponsor : Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, National
  Sports Promotion Foundation, Incheon Metropolitan City,
  and the JoongAng Ilbo Daily
- Term : July 5 ~ 14, 2014
- Participant : 500 males from 16 countries
- Venue : Incheon Samsan World Sports Complex,
  Incheon Songnim Gymnasium
- Accommodation : Incheon Park Hotel, Sheraton Hotel,
  and Bridge Hotel
- The General Meetings of the International Wheelchair Basketball
  Federation during the term (91 participating countries)

Meaning of the 2014 Incheon Wheelchair Basketball World Championships

- The initial number of countries participating in the main game increased from 12 to 16 for the first time.
- 78 countries will participate in the main game after the local preliminaries in North and South Americas, Europe,
  Africa and Asia
- Qualifications : 11 top countries of the Paralympics, four local preliminary winners, and the hosting country
- Participating countries in 2014 : Seven European, four American, one African and four Asian and Oceanian



- The IWBF (International Wheelchair Basketball Federation)
  was established in 1993.
- Currently, there are 91 member states.
- It hosts the international wheelchair basketball championships.
- Currently, it is chaired by Maureen Orchard from Canada.
  The headquarters is located in Canada.
- It has established the official wheelchair basketball rules and
  the regulations for classification of the grades.
- It hosts the Wheelchair Basketball World Championships,
  U23 World Championships and U25 Women's World

IWBF World Championships

- Wheelchair basketball games every four years
- The first official international general
  meeting in 1994

Game Host Participating Country (Number)
1994 Canada 12
1998 Australia 12
2002 Japan 12
2006 The Netherlands 12
2010 The United Kingdom 12
2014 The Republic of Korea 16